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November 1, 2016 Acquiring Customers

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acquiring customers
Miss Weigand: "Back in the late twenties, just before the depression, one of the millionaires built a health club, for himself and friends, on his estate overlooking a beautiful hill and valley. In order to be able to exercise in the gym, shower, or even urinate–he was a real eccentric–without missing any of this beautiful view, he had the showers, gym, equipment, urinals, etc. built on the outer walls. He had these walls made of a special glass where he could look out but you couldn’t look in. Because of a colossal error, the walls were put in, in reverse. You could look in but he couldn’t look out. By the time the error was discovered, the entire health club had been completed. Shortly thereafter, with the onset of the depression, the millionaire eccentric lost practically everything and the estate was placed on the auction block. An enterprising group purchased the property and split up the estate, selling the health clib as a separate unit. Partitions were put in and separate men’s and women’s health clubs on the premises was started. It wasn’t until all the work was completed that again the error in the reverse glass walls was discovered. Rather than go through the expense of correcting the problem, one of the bright young members of the management, himself an artist, suggested reducing the price to one half of other clubs and allowing artists to paint the nude bodies, paying a fee to make up for the discount. There appeared to be nothing wrong so long as the members were informed of the privilege afforded to onlookers. Oddly enough, the reduced price brought more customers than the artists had chased away. Before long sufficient funds were acquired to build two auditoriums with seats and permanent easels for the artists–one on the men’s side and one on the women’s side. There is a clause in the contract of every member in the club that explains the significance of the auditoriums and that permission is granted to allow viewers while the members occupy the club premises. Incredible as it may sound, I’ve been told confidentially that by now, very few members are aware of the clause and those who are don’t mind in the least, since the facilities are excellent, well managed and almost one half the cost of similar clubs. I’ve been fortunate to secure the first row for us and we’ll be going there shortly to observe the male genitals."

Another New Camera! Olympus Trip 35
acquiring customers
They just keep coming… A 1968/73 Olympus Trip 35, at Value Village thrift store, was quite undecided and not sure, another customer saw me eyeballing it, took a quick look himself said that these are good cameras that have an excellent lens, put it back on the shelf and walked away, I was sold!

Groaner of the day… When I went back home went web browsing and found this page – – see that picture of the camera bag? That exact camera bag was on the shelf there but I didn’t know what it was! I’m hoping to head back to that store and acquire it (if it’s still left), unfortunately that location is halfway across Calgary for me; UPDATE – went back to the thrift store on Sunday, the bag was still there and they agreed that I could have it, cool… now I have an almost complete package

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