Cool Adobe Tools images
February 23, 2019 Adobe Tools

Some cool adobe tools images:

a segment of my life
adobe tools
Sunday, September 18, 2005: I teach a number of Photoshop and Illustrator classes thoughout the year, mainly on the weekends and no more than once or twice a month. It’s a very rewarding side-job and I think it helps me keep my skills sharp. If you ever want to take a class with me, sign up at Inet Toolbox. I’m no expert, but I sure teach a mean introductory course in both subjects. InDesign, not so much, but I’m working on it.

adobe tools
Some simple shots of interestingly twisty trees in local woodlands. This image bookends nicely with its partner image. I’m considering making this and its partner into a diptych.

It’s also come to my attention that unless you have a calibrated monitor this can look really dark and crappy. If you’re at all interested in photography I really strongly recommend looking into calibrating your monitor. Adobe products often come with a "by eye" calibration tool – check your control panel. Macs have a calibration tool by default. But best of all is buying a colourimeter such as a Spyder 2. You won’t regret it.

Compare: Inside M42
adobe tools
When I got the original photos from my friend, Mousa, the only RAW handling tool I had was a plug-in I downloaded for Irfanview. I converted those CRW (Canon’s RAW) files to tiff, aligned them in Picture Window, and fed them into Registax. The result is the lower image.
Just recently I had the chance to open and process these originals with Adobe PS CS2, which has a convenient tool for handling RAW images. The upper image is a single frame processed in PS CS2. Now I feel like the earlier stack was not that good, and an early process of the originals with PS would have yielded better results. Correct me if you think I’m wrong.
The originals were taken with a Canon EOS-300D on a Meade 16” LX200 by M. Zamani.

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