Nice Advertise Company photos
January 17, 2017 Advertise Company

A few nice advertise company images I found:

I don´t hang them… (2)
advertise company
While I was working as the inte´l exec in the monopolic company that imports and distributes fine art prints from all over the world in my country, my best friend here, Pamela, has no better idea than bringing me from her trip to Europe, 3 prints of vintage art nouveau advertising (btw, something which is SO fragile to handle!)…

Ok, I framed them because without knowing it, she selected a style I love and in particular a print I was about to frame soon: Tournée de Chat Noir. The best picture of a cat I´ve ever seen.

But that gift for me it was like… giving a box of chocolates to the owner of M & M?… =)

She has those things. I love her for that.

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