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November 9, 2016 Advertise My Website

Some cool advertise my website images:

dubya in pasila
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i went for a walk this evening to where the finnish national broadcaster (yle) has its headquarters (pasila, helsinki). about 30metres from their headquarters i saw this advertisment for a finnish website, (translates into english as "shadowelection"). very very very strange. the website allows one to vote for either bush or kerry, but its all in finnish.

the really strange thing about all this is that they went to the expense of having ads in bus shelters for some strange unknown reason!

(ah, just found out its an advertisement for a helsinki based advertising company called "bob helsinki". they are a strange lot)

advertise my website
Hal and I found out from the website that Lemar and Brian McFadden were playing at Legoland this weekend and it became a bit of a running joke. We were very pleased when we spotted this. Check out Hal’s photos for one of my (not at all faked) reaction to a poster advertising the concert.

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