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February 16, 2019 Advertise On The Internet

Some cool advertise on the internet images:

Grafitti Added?
advertise on the internet
A friend of mine works for MX, he sent me this,

"In an interesting reversal of policy Melbourne council are now ADDING grafitti to certain parts of the CBD during the commonwealth games here in Melbourne.

A leading authority on advertising and population control, Dr. E.M. Lichtenstein, speculates that;
"It seems that tickets are not moving as well as would be hoped so now the committee is using ‘reverse physcology in an effort to boost flagging seat sales"

Melbourne’s first directly elected Lord Mayor, Hong Kong born Mr. John So is quoted as saying;
"I’ve gambled my life savings on these games being a success, we are now pulling out all stops to send people out to buy tickets, after all we don’t want people actually out there excercising, we want them to sit around and yell and scream at our performers; sorry athletes, instead of each other in the pub.""

Whether this tactic works remains to be seen.

For me I’ll be hanging out here

more change in past year than since invention of TV
advertise on the internet
Image from Flickr CC thanks to Hodgram (again!)

Quote from

This is a nice thought-provoking quote. Whether it is true or not is a different matter… IMHO it is not true in terms of consumer behaviour… actually I think that’s been changing gradually. Using the analogy of the dotcom crash… throughout regardless of what the market was doing we saw steadily growing takeup of the Internet by consumers. Same I bet was true for other media shifts. What has changed though is the PERCEPTION.

If you haven’t already seen it, this slide, and the article it links to is well worth a read for a different perspective on this point.…

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