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Promotional products are a vital component of creating successful branding campaigns. This type of merchandise should be a top priority when developing marketing plans because it is proven to provide positive results.

With that said, promotional products need to be unique, functional, and perhaps even fun. This combination assures that recipients will use the merchandise instead of tossing it in a drawer, or worse yet, the trash.

Anyone that has attended trade shows knows that every company in attendance is handing out some sort of corporate swag. Everyone is doing their best to get their company name to stand out above all others. One way to accomplish this goal is to create promo products that solve a problem or offer some benefit to end users.

One of the most popular giveaways is custom USB flash drives. These tiny gadgets supply extra storage space for data files, photos, videos, and music. They make it easy to transfer data from one computer to another and are ideal for people who travel a lot or work at different locations.

Flash drives can be manufactured into nearly any shape. They can be imprinted with company logos and contact info. USB drives can also include preloaded software, hot keys, and data such as sales catalogs or presentations. Best of all, these are an affordable option for businesses of all sizes; even those with limited marketing budgets.

Another great promotional product is branded corporate apparel. Most companies hand out screen printed T-shirts or embroidered ball caps at trade shows, but apparel can also include polo shirts, dress shirts, slacks, sweatshirts, and jackets.

Corporate apparel is a fantastic way to advertise your brand. However, it’s important to create clothing that people are proud to wear and that represents the image you want your company to be associated with.

Eco-friendly tote bags are an affordable option that offers a lot of space to advertise your company. Reusable shopping bags are ideal for trade show giveaways because they provide a way for people to carry around all the corporate swag they receive throughout the event.

Many people use tote bags for every day shopping or to transport work documents to and from the office. There is plenty of opportunity for branding exposure because people carry their shopping bags in public venues. Taking time to create original totes is a good way to attract attention and get people talking about your brand.

Last, but not least, imprinted drinkware is yet one more affordable and highly desired promotional product. Branded sports bottles and travel mugs are ideal for trade show giveaways because people are always thirsty after walking miles at the event.

Better yet, recipients will continue using drinkware long after the trade show is over. Sports bottles, coffee cups, and travel mugs can be personalized with logos, contact info, and marketing messages for minimal cost.

Each of the aforementioned items are durable and last a long time; making them a cost-effective way to advertise. It can be beneficial to work with an experienced promotional products company to figure out which gifts offer the highest return on investment and will have the most positive impact.

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