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It’s exciting and refreshing to be able to visit different countries and places across the globe. Some people travel because they have business functions to attend to, while most want to experience other culture, to relax and meet new people. No matter what the reasons are, we cannot disregard the fact that for the past 10 years, traveling have greatly improved and have changed lives for the better specially traveling by air.

Airports in the United States

Back in 2010, the CIA reported that there were 15,079 airports in the United States alone. Obviously, the United States has more airports than any other nations in the world. 5000 out of the huge number of airports have paved runways and 376 out of 5000 have regular scheduled airline service every day.

Average Passengers per day

It was stated by the National Air Traffic Controllers Association that on average, the number of passenger flights stays within the 25,000 to 30,000 range in the US per day, which gives us a rough estimation of 1,500,000 passengers a day if we compute and estimate that each plane has 20 rows and each row can hold five people on average and if we further assume that each flight is 75% full. This great number of passengers on a daily basis in a marketing sense cannot be denied as a large pool of possible customers and clients. This is why, businesses and advertisement firms scramble to put up advertisements at airports.

Going Back to Business

The statistics mentioned above proves that in average a powerful advertisement placed in the right location at the airport can turn a business into a success in just a matter of day, if done correctly. It can be a step closer to a business’ target market segment which has more purchasing power than those who do not travel by plane.

The Benefits of Advertising at Airports

Enticing passengers to buy or use a service, depends on the level of creativity and artistry of the advertisement itself which can turn a business from nothing to a very successful one in a short period of time The fact that most of these people come from different geographical origin increases the fact that word of mouth can help in turning an advertisement into a success, increasing a business’ revenue. It’s also a great way to save on marketing costs by not paying high advertisement fees for TV and radio ads.

Effective advertisement tactics

The effectiveness of an advertisement depends on the strategy and planning a business puts into it. The thing to understand about marketing in this segment is that the target market is people who are on the go. Therefore, it is very important that businesses are able to communicate advertisement in a fast paced environment in a short period of time, which provokes thoughts for follow up.

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