When consumers see the hilarious Doritos ad during a Super Bowl commercial slot or the family of bears happily wiping their behinds in the Charmin toilet paper ad during a sitcom, they probably don’t think how strategically placed these ads are. But a lot more goes into the placement and business of ads than we think. That’s where Advertising Media Management professionals come in. These are the people who are responsible for media research analysis work including planning and buying of media.

Centennial College answers the call for trained professionals with its post-graduate Advertising Media Management program, which is aimed at college and university grads who may have worked in the field or who have an interest in advertising. Prospective students should be detail-oriented and have a flair for numbers because the researching of media usage and audiences is heavily number focused.

There is also an element of creative thinking, as Advertising Management professionals put those numbers into perspective to yield a better informed decision about media buys. Aside from having these skills, applicants must also submit an official transcript demonstrating proof of successful completion of a post-secondary diploma or degree program and attend an admission session during which they will complete a basic math test and a questionnaire. Applicants presenting a combination of partial post secondary education and relevant work experience will also be considered.

The Media Management Course is a combination of the fundamentals of media management, with a focus on consumer-driven communication channel choices for advertising messages. Students will develop skills such as: reaching target audiences with a creative message, building business and negotiating skills on behalf of advertising clients, expertly performing research, analysis, planning, estimating and buying; and using professional software. Some of the topics you will study to gain these skills include integrated marketing, business communications, media research data and analysis, broadcast buying and management, media industry issues and more. Complementing your in-class education will be an industry field placement that will see you working along side seasoned Advertising Media Management experts and providing you an opportunity to hone your skills.

After you have completed your studies, you will be able to launch careers with advertising agencies, independent media management companies, marketing companies, multi-media owners and sellers, research companies and advertisers. Media buying is often the most common entry-level job at advertising agencies. Media Buying is the procurement of the best possible placement and price of a piece of media real-estate within any given media. The main task of media buyers lies within the negotiation of price and placement to ensure the best possible value can be secured.

It is a labour intensive area of Advertising Media Management, but for many people who want to get their foot in the door of the industry; this is the route to take. The evolutionary nature of this industry also guarantees there are plenty of options to move into once experience is gained.

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