January 15, 2017 Advertising Campaign

With the growing dominance of social networking in lives of people, it has emerged as an attractive advertising platform for businesses. Social networking has power to spread your promotional message to the masses within least possible time. In the recent years many social networking sites have been emerged, but Facebook presently has attained most dominating position in terms of users’ preference for social networking. Facebook is a social networking site with more than 900 million users around the world. Such influential position of Facebook makes it amazing platform for brand promotion.

From trivial brands trying to build their brand image to giant brands wishing to grow rapidly, Facebook campaigns are effective means of enhancing the brand value of all small and big businesses.

There are two ways of promoting your business online: paid Facebook campaign and free Facebook advertising campaign. You can also use combination of both for advertising your brand. If you are promoting a blog or promotional site, free Facebook advertising campaign is a better alternative.

You can easily do this by posting link along with its description. You can post site’s details on friend’s profiles, relevant groups / pages. However, you need to be careful not to spam the system, which can result in suspension of your account by the Facebook.

Paid Facebook campaigns provide target based advertisements. You can promote your brand over specific countries and even specific age groups.

Facebook fan pages can be created for businesses so as to ensure that fans are directed to their specific Facebook page. In this way, more users are able to see Facebook posts

There are usually two kinds of Facebook campaigns i.e. CPM (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impression). Users have to choose any one for their Facebook advertisement campaign. If one wishes to use both, they have to create separate advertising campaigns for one site.

Generally CPC advertisements are set as default by the Facebook; however, it can be changed by using advanced options feature given on the Create Ad page. Suggestion tool is the key source of Facebook advertisement. This tool allows advertisers to reach their targeted audience on the basis of information and interest shared by them over Facebook. One can analyze mountains of data shared by the targeted audience for Facebook campaigns on the basis of gender, geography, age, education, marital status etc.

When it comes to invest in Facebook ads, you can choose for two kinds of packages: premium and market place ads. Premium ads are reserved for those who can spend significantly on Facebook ads i.e.at least $ 10,000 monthly. For others, there are market place ads that cost as little as $ 1.00 per day.

It is better to hire company engaged in providing brand promotion services. These companies can guide you best in promoting your brand by the means of social media.

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