May 5, 2017 Advertising Media

Instagramming your food pictures, sharing the pictures of your recent trip on Facebook, offering fashion advice to people on Pinterest or uploading videos on YouTube is what interests you? Do you try to get more likes, more comments, more shares, each time you tweet, blog or post pictures? Do you feel like peeping in the minds of your social media followers and friends to know what they like? Are you keen in knowing the art and science behind advertisements and campaigns on radio and television?

If the answer to all these questions is a ‘yes’, this shows that you have got some inclination towards media and communications. But this doesn’t make you ready for a career in media. It’s true that you somehow manage to get a large number of likes and comments on your posts. But this is not enough to make you a fit for advertising or communications industry. It’s just that you are doing it slightly better than what most people on social media are doing.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to discourage you. It only means that you’re doing a minute fraction of what social media planners or communication planners do. So, if you want to follow your passion and want to turn into a career, it’s important to fine tune your existing skills and gain new competencies that can launch you on this particular career path.

Joining a school of communication media and design is the first step to get into this direction. Enrolling into an advertising media management program will help you acquire knowledge, skills and work experience required to enter the world of advertising media and communications. Getting into a media program becomes easy, if you have already completed your post-secondary education and have relevant work experience.

Studying advertising and media management is worth because:

1. Most of the jobs in this industry require either a diploma or degree in advertising management. So, if you’re really serious about getting a job in this industry, consider enrolling in an advertising program.
2. Social media also offers legitimate careers. The advertising media industry offers excellent job opportunities, not only in Canada but across the world. Most companies rely on social platforms to communicate with their audiences. Therefore, they actively look for professionals who can actually help them decode social media platforms.
3. Advertising is never going away. All types of businesses, regardless of their sizes and areas of operations rely heavily on some or all forms of advertising to promote their offerings and engage their customers. More and more ways and means and platforms for advertising may be invented in future and the need for advertising won’t decrease ever.
4. No business can afford to ignore any kind of advertising platforms. Consumers are everywhere both on oldest and latest media channels. So, businesses are required to connect them on every platform wherever their customers are. This means you are going to remain in business always.

There are numerous other reasons, in addition to the above mentioned, why you should consider a career in advertising media management. Think what motivates you and make your decision.

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