2 pies
May 3, 2019 Advertising Prices

Check out these advertising prices images:

2 pies
advertising prices
Quite the deal. It was 75 dollars for just one pie. This was taken just off I-5 in Kettleman City, CA.

Great marketing
advertising prices
At one of the many rug shops on 1st and Jackson.

"Percentage means nothing, Final price means everything"

Not sure if I agree with that.

Bill and Grandma
advertising prices
He’s showing off the nifty shirt.

(It’s all about elders being good sports. Uncle Bill was saying, "You know what these are, Mom? They’re SPERM!" She finally said, "Yes dear, I got to look at them under a microscope in college!" I think he was trying to be shocking. And I’ll probably remove this description eventually.)

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