October 4, 2016 Advertising Strategies

With so many different ways to advertise a business today you must develop strategies based on what is working and based on your own personal marketing budget. This is true whether you run offline business or an Internet business. In this article let’s talk about a few advertising strategies you can use regardless of whether your business is done primarily online or offline.

1. Paid advertising. Brick-and-mortar businesses never would have considered free advertising in the past unless it was in the form of viral marketing.

Today local businesses continue to promote within their own market, but they also look at ways to take advantage of the Internet. This is a necessity because people are using the Internet to search for things locally using both their computer and Smartphone.

The most effective form of paid advertising is a per click advertising. Google Adwords dominates this market. Yahoo Marketing is a good alternative and Bing also provides some cost effective advertising.

You can also purchase paid ads on Facebook and this is something more offline and online businesses are doing. Because Facebook has over 900 million members creating over 100 billion connections this is becoming a primary paid marketing strategy.

2. Free advertising. Social media is the most effective way to advertise for free.

You can start by setting up a blog and adding content to it on a regular basis. This works for both the Internet and offline business owner.

Even if you don’t have time to write content you can hire a blog writer to do it for you. This becomes a good way to update what’s going on in your business.

Another good form of social media is to set up a Facebook business page. You then want to promote that in both your offline and online paid advertising.

Getting people to like your business page is a good way to do it make updates to keep in touch with them. It’s also an excellent form of viral marketing to make money online.

Other social networking sites you need to be involved with include Twitter and LinkedIn. Making updates to these accounts is another quick way to take advantage of free advertising.

3. Email marketing. Building an email list, and keep in touch with it, works great for Internet marketers. Savvy offline business owners are also taking advantage of this advertising strategy.

In the past Internet marketers have referred to a quality list as being able to print money on demand. Offline businesses can generate business almost immediately when they run campaigns and promote them to their email list.

These are a few proven advertising strategies that continue to work well for both offline and Internet businesses. Every business needs to make money to survive, and having effective advertising strategies is more important than ever with the many alternatives available today.

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