July 1, 2017 Affiliate Programs

I know you want to start things out right and have a successful affiliate business promoting reputable affiliate programs. Nobody wants to market low quality products that can tarnish your image in the online world. It’s absolutely necessary to pick ecommerce affiliate programs of the highest quality.

Probably the very best thing to do when searching for reputable affiliate programs is to start doing some research and ask many questions to make sure it’s your best fit. Get answers, because this will determine weather or not you will join.

There are some key questions that must be answered to your satisfaction when finding only reputable affiliate programs.

What does it cost to sign up as an affiliate?

Don’t pay a fee to become an affiliate. Almost all reputable affiliate programs will cost you nothing to join. Why in the heck would you want to pay a fee when there are so many free to join affiliate programs!

When am I going to get paid?

Reputable affiliate programs usually pay monthly or every two weeks. With all the choices you have, don’t market ecommerce affiliate program that pay you quarterly or even longer.

Online affiliate programs that makes their affiliates wait this long don’t really have much respect for you and your business. How can you survive when they won’t pay you except for every three months. Just resist the temptation to promote these merchants.

How is the merchant’s conversion rates?

Most reputable affiliate programs will provide you high conversion rates on their products and services. One reason could be that the product is in demand and high quality. But also because they have written and tested a sales page that converts the prospect.

If you are considering on joining a particular program, make sure you go and read through their sales page.

1-Make sure it has a compelling headline. Does it capture your interest and cause you to want to read more.

2- Does it push your emotional buttons?

3-Is the sales page filled with an ample amount of testimonials that give you confidence that the product will deliver on its promise?

4-Is it easy to purchase with a no hassle money back guarantee?

5- Do you feel like you want to order it right away, because it will be exactly what you need?

If it does, then you can feel confident that others you refer will feel the same way. You only have control of referring others to the merchant’s site, so you want to make sure that they do their job of making the sale.

What kind of tracking system do they have?

Reputable affiliate programs have solid tracking systems, so you will be rewarded for the sale. I’m not going to get into the details of how tracking works, but just to say that most visitors aren’t going to buy on the first visit, but will most likely come back at a later time to purchase the item.

Reputable affiliate programs will do their homework to make sure they have a reliable tracking system. These merchant’s really care about serving their affiliates because they know how important they are to their business.

Do they have a means to viewing your affiliate statistics at any time?

Top affiliate programs have a site where you can track your stats 24/7. Stats like impressions, hits and sales are important to view, so you can see how your own marketing efforts are going.

Reputable affiliate programs offer exceptional products and services and have a trustworthy company. Remember you must do your homework and be positive you are joining a good company. Unfortunately there are many scams that appear on the surface to be reputable. Dig deep enough to make sure you aren’t associating with any of them.

What’s the affiliate pay structure? one tier or two tier?

Reputable affiliate programs may offer one of these two structures depending on what they are selling. A one tier system pays you just for the one time business you have generated.

A two-tier program pays you for the business, plus it also pays you a commission on the sales generated by any affiliate you sponsor into the program. Some two-tier programs may even pay small commissions on each new affiliate you sponsor. Kind of like a recruitment fee.

And finally, reputable affiliate programs will pay you a fair commission for your hard work. You can figure that a commission between 40-70% is what you should be shooting for in your business. But with that said, if you feel you are being paid a fair percentage, and they are a great merchant,then join with them.

In conclusion, reputable affiliate programs can be readily found out there with of course the right information and understanding of how they work. This isn’t a complete list of important questions to screen programs, but it will get you on your way to finding the right one for you.

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