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January 5, 2017 Amazon Support

A few nice amazon support images I found:

There are so many dogs living like this. How can I save them all?/Hay tantos perros que viven como esto. ¿Cómo los puedo guardar yo todo?
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We have tried to capture this male dog twice. He is fast despite his appearance. Sadly, we still have not caught him. His extended genitals indicate a STD. He also suffers from severe mange, malnutrition, and it appears an eye has been damaged in a fight.

I have learned over time that many of these ill dogs find me when they are ready. I know, it sounds crazy. Let’s all hope he finds me again and doesn’t run!! Sadly, we never could catch him. His life of neglect and abuse made him very wary of humans. I can only imagaine the suffering he endured.

But HOPE ENDURES. In 4.5 years Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety has made a big diffeence in Peru’s vast Amazon community. Human, Animal, Wildlife, and Environmental conditions have improved dramatically.

Our website is being updated at, but please join us on Facebook at

We are proud that this photo won an Honorable Mention in the Benevolink Charity Competition

Hemos tratado de capturar este perro macho dos veces. El es rápido a pesar de su apariencia. Tristemente, nosotros todavía no lo hemos agarrado. Los genitales prolongados indican un STD. El también sufre de la sarna severa, la desnutrición, y parece un ojo ha sido dañado en un combate.

He aprendido con el tiempo que muchos de estos perros enfermos me encuentran cuando ellos están "listos". Sé, sueno loco. ¡Permítanos toda esperanza que él me encuentra que otra vez y no corre!!

Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety, Iquitos, Peru

Domnique Le Gendre & Chris Willis
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From the Caribbean Free Radio podcast:

CFR gets classical in episode #38, as I visit with Trinidad-born composer Dominique Le Gendre at her home in London. I chat with Dominique about her early musical influences, about Caribbeanness and the classical tradition, her experiences as a Associate Artist at the Royal Opera House and her chamber opera "Bird of Night", which is set to debut at the Royal Opera House in October 2006.

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The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare: 38 Fully-Dramatized Plays – audio version of the Bard’s complete works, scored by Dominique | Royal Opera House

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Christmas Present For Me
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