My Photo in a Book
August 29, 2017 Amazon Support

A few nice amazon support images I found:

My Photo in a Book
amazon support
Sometime ago I got a flickr-mail "Can I use you photo for a book?" … Well, of course he could.

And here is it, my picture in the little guide "Hilfe, ich studiere!". Order at Amazon and support these guys!

Super geil und super amüsant. Wirklich spaßig geschrieben :).

amazon support
The Billboard: Patient Zero for Socal DeCon.

It took a little while to notice it, but almost every keeper photo I’ve got of LA so far has prominently featured power lines and/or palm trees.

The power line thing has been building for a while, they clutter and cut up the sky in a way that’s just right, like drawings in the air. LA has powerlines everywhere because it was more econmical to run them overhead than bury them while the city was expanding. And the palm trees in LA are custom designed to reach up there and catch orange light from the long, hazy sunsets: perfect for a lowrise city. Add billboards to that list: their overlaps, fragmentation, and tricked out support structure makes them look more like prototypes for SoCal DeCon than decorated sheds.

Throw in Reyner Banham’s flyovers, underpasses, and interchanges from the Transportation Palimpsest (great book, that, The Architecture of Four Ecologies, just as insightful as Venturi, but way less snarky), and you’ve got a lot of stuff happening overhead for a city that rarely lifts above three stories.

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