Nice Amazon Support photos
May 15, 2017 Amazon Support

A few nice amazon support images I found:

Mary Jane, Robert, Jeanette
amazon support
Mary Jane Dodge
Giant Screen Cinema Association
Contributor to LF Examiner, the independent print newsletter of Large-Format (LF) motion picture industry.
Quoted in Science World Magazine (11/17/95), a magazine geared for children ages 7 to 10.
Quoted in The 70mm Newsletter (for Large Format Cinema Association), in fact, the title comes from her quote.
Spoken of in InterPark (11/11/98)
On Flickr

Robert Tolmach
Well Good LLC
Changing the Present
Flickr Profile
On Flickr
Glasses for Humanity, home page
Omidyar Network
New York Tech Meetup
Giving Space photo
Another Giving Space photo
Photowiki, slideshow
ToughLove, Solutions and Support for Healthy Parenting, Advisory Board
Dali Lama Foundation Founder
Sweet Appreciation photo
TED During and After Hours

Jeanette Connolly
Lady with the shoes
Film Producer

Welded Wire Fabric
amazon support
Preparing to pour a slab-on-grade at a construction site. The yellow vapor-barrier is a thick plastic sheet over crushed gravel. The rebar is for thickened portions of the slab which will support non-load bearing walls after the slab has been poured.

It sort of reminds me of the engineering computation pads I used back in school.

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