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Any business owner collecting sensitive information online should have a secure site. To avoid lawsuits related to security breaches, business owners should invest in SSL certification. In general, a website is not secure until it meets the following criteria:

1. 256-bit Encryption with 40-bit minimum

2. Full Business Authentication

3. Issuance of SSL Certification

When these criteria are met, clients can be assured the website is secure. A secured site increases sales conversions because visitors feel safer when the website displays an SSL certification.

What to Expect from SSL Certification Providers

Full Business Authentication. This feature verifies the business’s domain ownership and identity. Customers feel secure knowing another company has not duplicated the website and attempted to phish information from customers unknowingly. Full business authentication provides additional safety to customers.

256-Bit Encryption. The encryption process secures data as it is transmitted over the internet. After the data is entered into the website, the data is encrypted. This means that no outside viewer can determine the contents of the data packet sent via the Internet. When the data reaches its destination, a key is used to unscramble the data into its original format.

Visitors are more apt to complete transactions with businesses that care about the security of their data. Most customers feel safe with 256-bit encryption. This is one of the most secure encryption processes available. Business owners should find services to provide this level of security to meet customers’ needs.

Malware Scanning. Malware scanning daily ensures no hackers can circumvent the system and intercept data sent via the Internet. When this service is offered, business owners feel more confident in the company’s ability to keep customer data safe on business websites.

Twenty-Four Hour Customer Support. Many service providers give business owners support whenever there is a problem. The companies also may provide complete control of SSL certificates through online services. Automated services make the process more efficient. Some companies install updates automatically. An installation checker may also be available to ensure the software is installed properly.

Warranties. The best companies offer a warranty if customer data is compromised. Many companies offer up to $ 1 million. Determine the warranty details before signing a contract with a service provider to avoid surprises in the event of a breach.

Types of Companies Using SSL Certification Software

eCommerce Companies. eCommerce companies should have SSL certification. These companies complete every transaction online and must protect customer data. Most customers will not conduct business with a company without SSL certification. If a customer declines to complete a transaction because the site is not secure, ecommerce companies will lose business.

Credit card information and contact information can easily be intercepted by hackers without SSL certification. Because most business owners know they will lose business without the certification, most will simply avoid the risk. Business owners would rather invest in the SSL certification software and increase sales and revenue.

Medical Professionals. Medical professionals who store information in electronic health records (EHRs) or electronic medical records (EMRs) must have SSL certification software. Medical professionals send information electronically to medical billing services and health insurance companies daily. Without a secured site, patient data may be compromised during transit and result in lawsuits. Medical professionals must ensure that SSL certification service providers meet HIPAA regulations to avoid penalties and lawsuits. A secured site is imperative in this situation.

Obtain SSL Certification for Websites

Business owners should obtain SSL certification through a reputable business. Without certification, business owners will lose business to competitors with secured websites. The cost is affordable. Business owners should make the investment rather than taking the risk. Consider how a small investment can help customers attract and retain customers.

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