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Thank you every time These toilet roll cores are printed with the words "Maido Arigatou Gozaimasu." Loosely it might be translated as, "Thank you for your custom," or "I am continually grateful." It is used specifically by salesmen and other representatives of companies when visiting their customers to express their on going gratitude to the customer for doing business with them. The first thing that is surprising about the message is that Western companies are less likely...

A few nice best way to market online business images I found: Explore Views Explore views Some quick views from me about Explore - Flickr's key innovation 1. Is it worth worrying about explore? I say yes if you are interested in getting views, fave's and comments on you pictures. I've seen my my views, faves and comments all rocket when a photograph of mine has entered explore. If you don't care about people seeing your work, don't worry about explore. 2....

Some cool getting new business images: new toy, 250gb firewire 800 drive got this to support my laptop for backups/restores. it's firewire 800, which is supposed to be very fast. i'm unimpressed. however, it's a business expense and as such, a write-off. wee. folklore_from_Zeeland: ringsteken8 In the south of the Netherlands, in the province of Zeeland, there is an old custom almost all horse owning farmers participate in. It's called 'ring rijden' or 'ring steken'. (ride the ring, or get...

A few nice best way to get customers images I found: I'm flying today - with Flickr notes! I got to the airport early - not a good place to be running late! - and I'm relaxing in the departure lounge (Lounge? When I think of lounge, I think of Frank, Dean and Sammy in Vegas, or at least a comfortable chair with a way to evelate your feet. Airports should call them "waiting rooms" or something closer...