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Some cool social network application images: PeopleFinder Yep, blown away by the app from Lachie, I am. First GustavoG's graph poster project, and then the Flickr Graph app, and now the People Finder. Wheeeeee! friends[2] I'm 4 hours away from finishing my second social networking web application, and 1 hour away from being held up at gunpoint in this photo. ...

Some cool social media and business images: "Have I Got a Deal For You" Ryan shares his business card. bbs2006-012.jpg rip-mix-burned on: zBlog: ~C4Chaos: @ Blog Business Summit 2006 www.blogbusinesssummit.com bbs2006-013.jpg (Jason Calacanis talks about integrity in the blogosphere) rip-mix-burned on: zBlog: ~C4Chaos: @ Blog Business Summit 2006 www.blogbusinesssummit.com...

Check out these online marketing software images: La web social tuvo su primera jornada en Argentina En pleno auge de las comunidades online, Globant y Google presentaron la OpenSocial Week, una semana dedicada a redes sociales, desarrollo de aplicaciones para estas redes y el nuevo estándar OpenSocial. La idea detrás de esta primera reunión fue el intercambio de experiencias e ideas para decidir qué red social es más adecuada para su negocio o cómo aprovechar el potencial de varias...

Some cool how to get people to view your website images: Flowers for Nagai from Burmese people Kenji Nagai's funeral took place in Aoyama, Tokyo, on Monday 8 October 2007. The NTV's News Zero, for which the slain journalist reported from Rangoon for the last time, has said tonight that more than five hundered people attended. After Mr Yamaji's address, four Japanese journalists gave their addresses. Mr Shuntaro Torigoe (鳥越俊太郎), who is one of the most prominent investigative...

A few nice advertising firms images I found: Studentenwohnungen Hier wird Werbung dafür gemacht, dass eine Firma auf der Feste (so eine Festung hier in Varberg) Studentenwohnungen bauen wird. You can see here a advertising for a firm which will build some student flats here in Varberg. Are these "real women"? I saw this display all over the Powell Street BART station. It's hardly news that Dove would use scantily clad women to advertise its products. What I find...