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Check out these check website traffic images: “Bluebirded” again Blogged in The Woodwork: The best blogging system ever. You know you’ve got engineering issues when there is a term devoted to your website crashing… …and a website devoted to checking to see if it is really down. The problem with most Ruby on Rails developers is that they have zero experience on scalable web development and then they lecture me. And people take offense when I say the Ruby world is...

Some cool tech support online images: The End of V2-VC2 BoB had invaded the capital of the Huzzah Federation. They brought a starbase, dreadnoughts, carriers, and a fleet of battleships with tech 2 support blockading the system. Here, Huzzah gathers every ship it has, but we are still less than the invading fleet. We prepare to die on Bob's guns, because it's all we can do before the station falls. ...

Some cool buy blog traffic images: Twitter vs. Dodgeball Alexa graph, included in my post about how Twitter Tipped the Tuna I'd venture because dodgeball is too complex, the web experience seems like a chore, not as many affordances. And they were bought by google. Story of an Acquisition Cars Direct bought two wiki sites that have creative commons licensing. Image from Mike, my post is here. ...

Some cool how to find sales images: Grendizer Today me and my friend passed by this shop in Muthana Complex. I don't know what its called but it sells some really cool Japanese toys, mostly limited edition stuff. Anyway my friend had seen the Grendizer set on display in the window and wanted to purchase it but the store was always closed. Today I decided to go with him and luckily the place was open. Sadly though they...

Some cool how to generate customers images: Customer Hostility So I've been trying for a month to get my licenses for Symantec Veritas NetBackup (that I already paid tens of thousands of euros for!). Lucky for me, Symantec invented this Licensing Portal! Yeah! So, first, you try to register. Turns out: you can't! Neat! Then, when you try to register after they enable your registration, you have to work around their buggy web app -- they even provide...

Some cool finding clients images: Krishna at the breast Natural colours and gold leaf embossed on wood. Artist: Unknown This kitschy piece reminded me of Upmanyu Chatterjee's book, The Mammaries of the Welfare State. I had to have it. :D Thanks for fixing my scanning errors, striatic. Sashimi At Ichiban I don't often get to eat at Japanese restaurants, so when I found one not far from the client's office in Albuquerque, I took advantage of the opportunity. The presentation is nice, and I...