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Check out these global marketing images: More Support of 911 Coverup Pentagon Bars Military Officers And Analysts From Testifying September 21, 2005, Wednesday By PHILIP SHENON (NYT); National Desk Late Edition - Final, Section A, Page 15, Column 5, 477 words select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F70F1EF93D540C72...

Check out these media advertising agency images: Chicago - Streeterville: Magnificent Mile A portion of Michigan Avenue, a north-south street in Chicago, starting just north of the Chicago River is referred to as the Magnificent Mile, or sometimes simply the Mag Mile. It contains a mixture of upscale department stores, restaurants, high-end retailers, office buildings and hotels, and caters primarily to tourists and the affluent. The area also has a high concentration of the city's major media...

A few nice affordable advertising images I found: Calamity's Closet Calamity's Closet (1426 S. Willits St.) advertises "affordable family clothing". We are looking southwest from the Main Street sidewalk. 1000w light off eBay If you want affordable, continuous studio lighting then this could be the answer; I picked this up off eBay from China for 5 AUD inc shipping. 1,000 watts. You have no idea how bright that is. The neighbours probably thought I was being beamed out by aliens when...

Some cool to attract images: koln-dom-interior-08 This statue of the Madonna attracts many visitors. from-airplane-greenland-04 "Greenland" was a bit of an optimistic name, don't you think? The Vikings really wanted to attract people to settle there. I bet they were selling time-share condos and needed a catchy name to draw them in...