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A few nice best way to get customers images I found: I'm flying today - with Flickr notes! I got to the airport early - not a good place to be running late! - and I'm relaxing in the departure lounge (Lounge? When I think of lounge, I think of Frank, Dean and Sammy in Vegas, or at least a comfortable chair with a way to evelate your feet. Airports should call them "waiting rooms" or something closer...

A few nice social media crm images I found: This is the first rev of Conversation Prism (1.0). 3.0 is Now Available - www.theconversationprism.com PLEASE NOTE: As of 10/10 there is a new version available at www.theconversationprism.com. The version above is 1.0, which debuted in August of 2008. Version 3.0 was just released as an image and a poster. For more information on v3.0, please read this: www.briansolis.com/2010/10/introducing-the-conversation-p...

A few nice traffic of websites images I found: Big Lollipop I put this onto my website at the end of 2003, and its traffic is consistently higher than anything else I've done before or since :-) It gets linked from all sorts of obscure places. Original Text (original post here): My sister and her boyfriend went to Spain recently, and brought me back the item shown [above] as a present. Other than a hurried blurring of the background...

Curt Widhalm, LMFT and Katie Vernoy, LMFT | Mental Health | Private Practice | Personal Branding | Law and Ethics | Social Media | Business | Marketing | with Interviews of Modern Therapists including Ernesto Segismundo, Jamie Stacks, and many more - The Modern Therapist's Survival Guide with Curt Widhalm and Katie Vernoy from The Modern Therapist's Survival Guide with Curt Widhalm and Katie Vernoy View Details about Curt Widhalm, LMFT and Katie Vernoy, LMFT | Mental Health...

A few nice how to win clients images I found: Frenzy The Feeding Frenzy Of The Flea award for April, 2007. The guy with all the Mac parts also had a big box full of NEC MobilePro 790 Handheld PCs. This one of Microsoft's many Great Ideas That They Simply Abandoned. A Handheld PC is a hybrid between a PDA and a notebook. You start off with a PDA sort of processor and operating system and apps. You build...

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