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A quality Web design course can arm you with the skills and knowledge for making big money as a Web designer, or just give you the confidence to build your own fabulous site with ease. But you don't have to spend big bucks and years of your time on a college degree to become a first rate Webmaster. In fact there are multiple online Web design courses that will give you a basic, intermediate, and even...

Extension or EXT for short is becoming one of the newest social networks out online. It has taken many of the features clients have enjoyed through other sites and made them more versatile and useful for the client. Like other sites it is also free to sign up at http://www.ext.com/ along with the ability to have the site that you create be able to generate money similar to Google's Ad Sense. These features along with the...

Social media has entered this century with a big bang. It's more than three decades; we all have witnessed the power of social networking. By handling social media accounts strategically, you can bring a hike in your business reputation and revenue turnover. It is necessary that you make optimum use of your social media accounts. Businesses like event management, conference centre and other related businesses where every business deal is for a short duration - need...

Email advertising has become a very popular way to get your offer out and viewed by millions. It is a very cheap form of advertising and can be highly effective because most of the time the people that see your offer have either opted-in to view offers like yours or they have no interest but then become interested when they view your offer. Email advertising is fast and efficient and response time is quick. There are...

Advertising is more than just billboards anymore because static billboards will soon become a thing of the past. With the merging of digital media and out of home advertising, consumers will be exposed to customized and fully interactive forms of multimedia. Billboards are becoming more mobile, personal, and tailored to the specific needs of the consumer. Even outdoor advertising agencies are noticing this emerging change in the industry. Back in 2010, 24.4 billion dollars were invested...