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Did you accomplish what you wanted to in 2011? Did you hit your business goals? Now is the time to determine what you're going to do in the next year to make sure that you achieve everything you want out of your business. Here are 7 strategies that I've identified that can help you explode revenue and sales in the coming year. I have used these strategies with my clients and I know that just adopting...

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One of the best ways to employ social media marketing Frisco TX in the advance of your business is to get the help of a professional web designer. Help from a web designer is so important because--for most customers--your website is the first real interaction that they'll have with your business. They might hear about your company from someone else, or come across it in a search engine, but customers don't actually know you until they...

Are you among the small businesses and professionals who find that they just do not achieve the intended goals or they cannot complete their marketing plans? Marketing plans can fall short for a number of reasons. One common reason for this failure is the business marketing strategy and not the action plans.There are five measures of a business marketing strategy that must be present if your marketing plan and your tactics are to succeed.1. Shared goals...