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Opera’s Nostalgic View of Flickr The Opera browser’s "Nostalgic" view of the Flickr home page. Opera’s celebrating its 10-year anniversary. As a surprise party favor, get your free site registration (which removes advertising) today only.

Nice Social Media Analytics photos

A few nice social media analytics images I found: Social Media Analytics Aspiration / ASK aka Adam S. Kirschner / TNSC aka Thursday Night Social Club / IconNicholson Parties / 20070816.850SD.IS.0473 / SML Adam S. Kirschner = ASK = Genius = Life Hacker (Blog / Google Search + Yahoo Search + Live Search / SML…

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Cool How To Draw Customers To Your Business images

A few nice how to draw customers to your business images I found: THE GEISHA Yes, I know this is a long caption. It was put up in batches, and needs a good "once over" by a sympathetic editor. One of these days I will cut it in half. Until then, here you go… GEISHA….

Cool Find New Clients images

A few nice find new clients images I found: Santa Fe gallery competition: we hate kids This gallery and the one in the next photo were right next to each other. Clearly, each has its own sense of the clients they’ll find acceptable. Santa Fe gallery competition: we love kids This gallery and the one…

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Cool Corporate Social Network images

A few nice corporate social network images I found: IMG_0679.JPG IMG_0688.JPG IMG_0683.JPG

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