Check out these affordable advertising images: Rebuilding Most of the last remaining derelict buildings in this part of Manchester are now being transformed into "luxury"* flats. I was going to rant about this here, but I can’t be bothered now. Hopefully these will be both good quality *and* affordable. * Like chocolate advertised with the…

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Some cool how to get traffic to your website images: Simon Mann finally gets to speak publically from Black Beach Prison Cannel 4 interveiw : click here and you should get a player window open 16.03.08 The Independent reports on rumours circulating in Malabo that Simon Mann may of cut a deal for information about…

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Check out these technical support page images: ‘Jekonni’s Song’ is stirring soul elixir ‘Jekonni’s Song’ is stirring soul elixir BYLINE: WENDELL BROCK, STAFF DATE: 07-27-2002 PUBLICATION: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution EDITION: Home SECTION: Features PAGE: C.1 THEATER REVIEW "Jekonni’s Song" 2 and 8 p.m. today; 3 p.m. Sunday. -. Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of…

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Cool Support Page images

A few nice support page images I found: Seal Press Seal Press official logo copied from here, stored in my Flickr account to use in a blog post here (so as to avoid "hotlinking"). Assigned date in photostream (in 1976) reflects how long this groundbreaking feminist publisher has, amazingly, been around. Long live Seal Press….

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Al Schade (my uncle)

Check out these how to get your website noticed images: Al Schade (my uncle) Here’s a story on a Navy website about my Uncle Al and his experience as a Marine in WWII and Korea. I recently found the link above broken, so I thought I’d copy the text of the link here, in case…

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