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The process of increasing sales via a definite strategic plan is known as marketing. Marketing is of two types, Business marketing and consumer marketing. The basic difference between the two types can be summarized as follows:In business marketing, the commodities are sold to an organization i.e. one business dealer sells his products to another business dealer. In business marketing, industries are buyers. Whereas in consumer marketing, the business dealer sells his products to the end users...

Some cool my blackberry images: christmas apple pie - dscf0590 christmas - december 25, 2001 - san francisco, california san francisco, california. december 25, 2001 copyright (c) 2001-12-25 sean dreilinger follow me! FB / twitter / G+ view christmas apple pie - dscf0590 on a black background. cnet editor-in-chief steve fox with a mobile communications device - dscf0262 once we took over operations of the cnet network-wide search engine, we had to manually suppress ppc search results for 'steve fox' because our editor shared...

There are many factors to consider before the selling of a product or service can occur. Considered one of the foremost marketing corporations in Portland, Oregon, DMA Portland reviews a lot of techniques to sell products with company marketing reps. The company's techniques and techniques are very simple and it is my objective to review a lot of these strategies with you. Having said that, before you even commence the process of sales acquisition, you must...

Some cool social media measurement tools images: DSCF5741 Social Media Measurement tools. Squirrel Stacey asked me on Twitter: twitter.com/StaceyMonk/status/12020980108 In my slide deck www.slideshare.net/kanter/social-media-measurement-tips is a tool that wrote about over a year ago - beth.typepad.com/beths_blog/2009/03/new-twitter-tool-mail...

Promotional advertising should be considered in every business venture. However, this should come in inexpensive medium yet provides quality results."A business having no sign is a sign of no business". This is an advertising banner or slogan that can be read in large billboards along the roads and avenues and on the side or top of structures that is vacant. Radio and television would say ,"This program would not be shown or be heard without promotion...