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Marketing jobs are usually sorted according to region for those people that are in the marketing job market and actively seeking one. Hence, it is not tough to find an entire page displaying marketing job openings in greater Los Angeles, for example. Marketing jobs are available in a wide range of industries and even in local, state and federal government agencies. They are widely available and recruitment is active in advertising, both in newspapers and magazine...

With the Indian economy on a continuous growth path for many more years to come, prospects of the advertising industry are bright. Although the industry is expected to maintain its current growth momentum, the pace of growth of various segments of the industry will differ significantly from one another. We expect growth rates in newer segments like mobile or internet advertising to be substantially higher as compared to traditional segments like print or electronic media. A...

A "niche" or specialized social network can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to build a unique website where members identify more closely as a group based on their profession, training or experiences. Niche websites can allow advertisers to reach a more concentrated group of potential customers, which can let you sell advertising space on your website at a premium. Unlike FaceBook or MySpace which attracts millions of people of all ages, and interests, a niche...

Social media is surely a game changer for every business professional, regardless of their industry. With the arrival of different social media platforms, promoting your business idea in front of loyal customers has become easier than ever. Social media is considered as one of the greatest inventions of this modern technology oriented era. By joining the best social media platforms you not just communicate with customers but also advertise your business idea directly to customers you...

Some cool professional website design images: The Fashion Center Information Kiosk From their website: "Geared towards both fashion professionals and luxury car rental travelers, The Fashion Center Information Kiosk is an integral part of the community and well worth a visit. Housed inside a unique Claes Oldenburg-inspired structure, The Fashion Center Information Kiosk features the world’s largest button, which is affixed to the buildings roof via a giant 31-foot long steel needle. Designed by Pentagram Architectural Services, The...

Best-Selling Author, Blogger and Home Business Coach Ray Higdon - Great for Network Marketing & Online Marketing - Home Business Profits with Ray Higdon from Home Business Profits with Ray Higdon View Details about Best-Selling Author, Blogger and Home Business Coach Ray Higdon - Great for Network Marketing & Online Marketing...