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Manufacturing a product, does not generate sales or profits. Meager selling is not an achievement, but being renowned and creating a market share is the ultimate goal. Exposure is a postulated aspect of any industry, ergo, advertising. The prominence of advertising is widespread and has become prevalent in every walk of life. There are few countries, which have imprinted their mark of success in the wall of fame, for example advertising company in Lebanon. This Arabic...

Some cool more customers images: Multimedia message ----------------- You have received the above Multimedia Message (MMS) from a Cingular Wireless customer. Please make sure you open all attachments to get the full message. Simply reply to this email to send a message back to the sender. It's simple to send messages with photos, graphics, music, voice clips, text and more from a Cingular phone to other phones and email addresses. To learn more, please visit www.cingular.com/mms. Multimedia message I wear my tiara...

Establishing or maintaining a large share of any market today is challenging. With more and more competition out there and more and more new products flooding the market all the time, along with new technologies that are emerging, executives and managers must vigilantly stay on top of the game or be sunk. Older, practiced leaders cannot afford to rest on their past successes, and the younger generation must jump in with both feet.A little education can...

Helpdesk software plays an important role in managing your customer base and takes a huge load off your customer support function. A helpdesk, as you might know, is an IT-based resource that provides assistance and information in troubleshooting problems that your customers may face while using your products. Larger companies even have additional in-house help desk to provide a similar type of service to their employees. In large IT corporations, the helpdesk is often a mandatory...

Some cool customer support images: Project Management How Project Management shouldn't work [fixed] Apple support nightmare I hate to do this. You know I am a loyal Apple customer, but I also pointed out that the trackpad on this brandnew 1.2Ghz iBook G4 is of unbearable quality (there is a huge - 129 entries so far - discussion thread about this at Apple discussions: ibook G4 trackpad seems to have a big bug). Now after a call with Apple...