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Some cool social network platform images: troika Ray Ozzie, Microsoft: Everything on the web is being recorded. Marisa Mayer, Google: While we store search histories, we do not correlate search with personally identifiable information. We store search history to optimize the search algorithm. For example, if you click on the third search result, it should become number one. FORTUNE: What new space interests you? Marisa Mayer, Google: Social networking. These people view 150 page views per session, every...

A few nice how to attract customers images I found: One crystal bead per letter. At a table at Starbucks.. no one knew, including the staff, how these beads appeared. Just before the staff wiped it away.. I snapped this. The manager was kind of annoyed because the beads were wasting space and attracting attention. But the customers loved it. And secretly, so did the staff....

Check out these social media events images: Social Software Hypocrisy Bingo David Hornik handed out bingo cards to the Media Center seminar -- with social software buzzwords to keep his blah blah blah presentation in check. -- Sent from my Treo bsmf06-01_0004 bsmf06-01_0028 ...

Can a social media manager help you in your business? First of all let me explain what a social media manager is and what they do.A social media assistant is a person that manages your social media profiles your online presence and helps you market yourself, your products and/or services. They help you create or maintain your brand and your image by utilizing social media tools to keep you in the mainstream of the social...

Creating a website is much easier and simpler than you might think. There are a number of different ways to make a website. There are many sites available on internet which will help and guide you through all the necessary steps to build a website. You can create and own your website for an unlimited period of time. Building a site is quick and fun and you do not need any technical skills for that. Making...