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A few nice social advertising images I found: Passion Status I just arrived on Crete, Greece. This food product is doing wonders for my social standing on the island. The "Passion Status" is my favorite kind of Status, but the "Cookie Staus" is nice too. Momma told me not to smoke One of the sketches in the exhibit and a personal favorite. A social commentary on capitalism and advertising. Caribou Coffee advertises sustainability A coffee shop attempts to attract consumers on the...

Ad banners are displayed with the goal to get viewers clicking on them to find out more about the offer on your landing page. Having more clicks means more chances to convert viewers into customers. The following 5 tips will help you get more clicks on your banners, which should translate to a better return on your advertising investment.Show to the right audience Each website serves a specific niche or industry and has its own specific...

A few nice online free advertising sites images I found: SFAI - Walter and McBean Galleries: Anti-Advertising Agency and Finishing School, 2005 Offices of the Anti Advertising Agency and www.delocator.net Two exhibitions by the artists' collaboratives the Anti-Advertising Agency and Finishing School will take over the San Francisco Art Institute's Walter and McBean Galleries for the month of April and into May. The Anti-Advertising Agency (AAA) will transform the McBean Project Space into its temporary headquarters replete with a conference...

You must have heard phrases like "Don't do this, Don't do that or follow these tips" regarding social networking web development. Though there are many dos and don'ts for the success in social networking web development, not all of them are equally important. With almost a year of hands on experience with the popular social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook, we have gathered 4 must know tips for the success in social networking web development.4....

A few nice ecommerce marketing images I found: Gap QuickLook 6 - overview A click on Overview confirms that it contains secondary marketing verbage and the SKU. Nice to have when you need it, but good that it is on the second tab and not the first. Check out this blog entry for the details behind this set. Gap QuickLook 5 A zoom-rect eminates from the product and an in-page pop-up appears. This is what Gap is giving the marketing gimmicky...

If you're not already advertising online, you're missing the marketing wave of the present and future. For virtual and real world businesses, a good website is a necessity today. But there are many other elements to a good online marketing and advertising strategy: driving traffic to your site, giving customers things they want, and tying virtual campaigns in with real-world campaigns.Start with websites. A good website is more than your company's Yellow Pages display ad put...