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You hear horror stories of small businesses trying out social media for their marketing strategy but yielding no results. You might even have your own experiences with sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn to no avail. You are not alone, however, since the survey by the Business Network International showed that more than 7 n 10 companies are not harnessing the social media tools for their own benefits often enough. The main culprit, of...

Do you want to know what the Facebook Ads Guide is all about and whether it can really work? The owner of this guide is a professional marketer who has only recently discovered that he could get much more traffic and better results from the traffic from Facebook compared to the other traffic sources that he has been using before.It utilizes the concept of affiliate marketing, which is not something new in the industry, to combine...

For business improvement or benefits, it is necessary that the marketing of its products and services is done in an appropriate way. It is necessary that business is promoted in the best possible way so that people come to know about it and it can show its presence all over the world. It is necessary to do apply good marketing strategies for the improving sales, increase brand awareness and growing business to a great extent. It...

At Strategic Marketing we, we're nothing like your typical marketing consulting companies; we do more than just think outside the box, we create killer ads and websites that convert like crazy. The marketing we create won't bore people to tears. We figure out ways to do things and sell products and services in a way that causes people to froth at the mouth and trip over themselves to buy from you. To say...

A few nice social media sales images I found: Pirated DVDs for sale in Shanghai The asking price is usually less than for new movies still in theaters. Chinese businesses engage in massive intellectual property violations, but this is likely to change as more Chinese firms develop their own IP. Usable with attribution to: SocialTechnologies.com About Social Technologies Social Technologies is a leading research and consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations understand and shape the future of their...