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Check out these social media business images: Legalize hemp Krusty poster, Japan A "Simpsons" character is appropriated for a campaign to legalize marijuana. Postmodern values are spreading in the developed world, even in conservative Japan. Usable with attribution to: SocialTechnologies.com About Social Technologies Social Technologies is a leading research and consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations understand and shape the future of their business. We combine global forecasting and analysis tools with expertise in strategic exploration and innovation processes to equip...

Check out these online marketing ideas images: George Chrch, visible man George Church is professor of genetics at Harvard medical school and also heads the Lipper Center for Computational Genetics, MIT-Harvard/ Department of Energy Genomes to Life Center, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Center for Excellence in Genomic Science. Church’s Harvard lab is a member of the genome-sequencing technology development project of the NIH-National Human Genome Research Institute. He’s also the inspiration behind a...

Transmilenio 3 - Comparisons Soo what does the Transmilenio cost? The early phase was .3 million USD/ km.. For comparison LRTs can range about to million USD/km. More recent phases improvements have cost more (fancy terminals, etc), but for the price of a bare-bones LRT one can have an extremely feature-rich BRT (proper enclosed stations that are universally accessible, pre-paid boarding, etc). So what about capacity? Well here's a surprising tidbit of...

Mike Campion, serial entrepreneur and bad dinner guest helps owners of cleaning companies find the solutions to their toughest business problems. - Grow My Cleaning Company's Podcast from Grow My Cleaning Company's Podcast View Details about Mike Campion, serial entrepreneur and bad dinner guest helps owners of cleaning companies find the solutions to their toughest business problems....

Advertisement is the most popular element which you can opt to develop your business potentiality. Advertisement has a high commercial value. It only promoted the positive parts of the product on behalf of the manufacturer, but also helps the consumers to choose their products as per their requirement. There are basically two types of media where you can go for an advertisement. One is Print Media and another is electronic media. Through Print media you can...

Digital Advertising has broken all pace barriers and become a necessity for every business looking for growth and increase in sales. Association with a Digital Advertising Agency is also a must as the Digital Media requires a team specialized in the desired technicalities and round-the-clock monitoring. A correct assessment of the potential agencies is vital as investing in an agency ill-equipped to provide the appropriate Digital Advertising Solutions may result in a waste of time and...