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Some cool how to increase traffic to your blog images: shannon kringen isabella love collage of me made by the wonderful Isabella Suzanne Valentine. i want to promote my book more heavily. i am open to being interviewed more and blogged about! if you have an aRt blog of some kind interview me and use…

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Check out these social media listening images: Hawaii Vacation I’m a social media tourist – confession it was really hard to listen to presentations about using social media for tourism while I was in Hawaii – so I decided to be a social media tourist Dreamy phone call As I walked through Verdi Square, I…

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Check out these marketing products images: DCP_4351 The jelly is Miller’s which is a local product. The tomatoes are from the Coventry farmers market. The salad dressing is from the Shaker Square farmers market. The dinner rolls are from the Coit Ave farmers market. stack o’ dubious sausage products flanked by snails on the right…

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Some cool top social media marketers images: The history and evolution of Digital Marketing In a world where over a 170 million people use social media on a regular basis, every working professional is expected to be familiar with at least the core tenets of Digital Marketing. In simple terms, Digital Marketing is the promoting…