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Some cool what's social media marketing images: Uttercast: This is Nothing New. Thought it Was? I had the pleasure yesterday of attending the New Marketing Summit (www.gonewmarketing.com). One of the presentations that hit a chord with me was by Chris Penn (www.christopherspenn.com), a friend and a founder of PodCamp. His message? This "new media" is not based on anything new. Newspapers rule web traffic, Twitter is the new ham radio, etc. He's right of course. I have been...

Some cool cheap traffic images: Limo! there are hundreds of limos in Bristol. someone told me it's cheaper to hire a limo from Newport to Bristol than get a taxi. this one was unusual in that it had three hundred windows in it, rather than the usual 6. ...

Kassa Small, CEO & Founder of Ingosy Branding and Visualization - A Book A Day | Branding, Marketing, Advertising Book Reviews For Business Owners from A Book A Day | Branding, Marketing, Advertising Book Reviews For Business Owners View Details about Kassa Small, CEO & Founder of Ingosy Branding and Visualization...

Some cool how to look for clients images: dock In plundering the web for distractions from work, I found Sean Bonner's flickr stream and his image of what's in his dock, so here's mine. I don't consider this stocking up though, I still have to take and post a new photo tomorrow even though I did two today. ;) fog drive home Day 86 - January 26, 2005: Hump day is over and this has been an excruciating week at...

Check out these social media marketing uk images: Plymouth Argyle v QPR Absolutely Fabulous Internet Marketing and Online PR Ab Fab Internet Marketing Google Ads | Website Design | Social Media Marketing WordPress Blog Design | Search Engine Optimisation Call David (07538) 199694 Skype: idoseo Plymouth | Torbay | Exeter Devon and Cornwall UK Influencers: who are they, why are they important? Social Influence Marketing is based on the influence people have on other people. There are several types of influencer and several reasons the can be...