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Some cool networking websites images: logo_menu-red (used in Yahoo! Profiles) youtube.com/watch?v=BCSCL7Rq3N4 stage6.divx.com/yNoT/video/1384249 We have nothing to fear but fear itself. The Earth (Mostly harmless) minutes before it will be demolished by the Vogons, It is in the path of a new intergalectic by-pass and therefor irrelevant and in the way. Think BIG. Think Universe. Cant' stop progress, can we? Everywhere humanoids come nature is bound to be disturbed and in the worst case to disappear. Now and then nature corrects the disturbed...

One of the best platforms for developing dynamic websites is PHP. Getting website developed as per the necessity is the most appealing desire, while PHP is the unsurpassed instance of desire for custom web design and development of web programmers and designers. there is one of the best service provider for website development projects. This is because PHP has incredible features to build e-commerce websites, while PHP development services offer the best alternatives to be used...

The adoption of financial services social media may be getting a boost as FINRA recently released its long-awaited update on its usage. Some of the highlights include the fact that broker-dealers don't have to track every message sent through social media -- only ones that relate to business purposes. Unscripted interactions can be reported after they occur. Whether this will trigger an upsurge in financial services social media remains to be seen. In...

Internet advertising also known as website advertising is the latest form of advertising. By advertising on the internet one can reach a lot of people and also create a greater audience and customer base. Almost all things can be advertised on internet. Web site advertising is cheaper as compared to other types of advertisements like TV commercials, radio ads, etc. Website advertisements can be permanent or can be for a specific time period. There are many...

Check out these advertise online for free images: Prohibitive WLAN at airports This picture is (I think) from Düsseldorf airport. I just cannot understand the prohibitive pricing system of wireless access at German airports. First, why should I book an entire day's worth of online time if I am travelling? I won't spend much more than an hour at the airport. An hour of bought online time is just that - one hour realtime, not online time. And at EUR 5.-, it is...

When your tutor or professor gives you an essay to write, a term paper or a research assignment, you should always keep in mind that he is giving you an opportunity to demonstrate your subject knowledge and understanding as well as writing skills. He will evaluate your ability by the way you communicate your thoughts for the essay or how effectively you have presented the research paper and laid down your finding. Sometimes it's not easy...