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Goodyear Blimp

A few nice marketing advertising images I found: Goodyear Blimp el maco Can someone in McDonalds’ Swedish marketing department explain this one to me? To a Yank like me it’s really bizarre, as McD’s is pretty far from Mexican food (as is Scandinavian Mexican food). advermoney Get your viral marketing on. I got this in…

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Worldwide Talent Group – Visit Website from Telephone Voiceovers and Messages View Details about Worldwide Talent Group

Nice Small Business Website photos

A few nice small business website images I found: Wiki Wednesday Listeners NEWS FLASH – “Non-photography Day 17th July 2006” !!! I read this on the BBC news site…. (pic above was from the BBC news site and was taken by Chilsta who’s on Flickr! "Photographer urges no-photo day For irony fans everywhere, a photo…

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