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A few nice see website traffic images I found: World Cup Fever Bus (by Nokia 6230i) I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green when this bus rushed by! From left to right: Lampard, Carlos, Beckham, Ronaldinho, Henry, Raul. P.S. Your Teacher wrote: "Dada! What are they trying to say? LOL" Here's the answer: In a Pepsi commercial the Germans keep singing "DA-DA-DA!"...

Some cool help sites images: Selinunte, Hekatombion The Hekatombion is a very odd temple dedicated to Hekate, a moon goddess. It's on the western side of Selinunte, ancient Selinus, which is at the western end of Sicily's south coast. It's one of the very few temples in Sicily which doesn't face towards sunrise. It also faces uphill. It's part of a complex of temples centred on Demeter Malaphoros. Also here is a temple of Zeus Melikhios. This is an unusual...

Check out these social media marketing trends images: Louis Gray Louis Gray is frequently referred to as "Mr. FriendFeed." He's one of the site's most active users and contributors. Louis is also the recent proud father of twins. Louis works in corporate marketing at BlueArc and is one of the top bloggers about various social media products and trends. He blogs at louisgray.com. You can follow Louis on Friendfeed here. 5 Great Twitter Contests The Best of...

Some cool on line advertising images: IMG_2715 I love this ad campaign. Someone translated it for me as something along the lines of, "Why buy other things when you can save money for your kids?" Notice that he's pulling a heavy metal record out of his bag. Do you really need the latest Pover Zill record? Nice play on the actual band Overkill. He looks so worried that he won't have a future. great ad Wish I had a...

A few nice marketing strategy to attract customers images I found: TeleComHub Social Networking Panel TelecomHUB (www.telecomhub.org) , is the DC area’s largest telecom networking group . This event attracted around 100 mid-to senior level individuals from telecom and technology companies to the social networking program “My Face: Social Networking in the Business Arena”, held at the Tower Club on 10/1 in Tysons Corner Vienna VA. Panelists for this event: * Terry Hsiao, CEO of Hook Mobile. Innovative high-tech...

A few nice online storage websites images I found: interesting conclusions may be drawn while this may not be touching many people around here, for whom the weather, at most, has been a medium annoyance (if we exclude those unfortunates who were killed attempting to travel around in it) there has been a downright catastrophe in springfield, less than two hundred miles south of here. there's limited electricity, limited fuel, and now a boil order on (purification plants...