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Check out these social media tracking tools images: Cool Toys pics of the day: Science Online 2010, Twitter Science Online 2010: twitter.com/scio10 www.scienceonline2010.com/index.php/wiki/ "This active three-day event to explore science on the Web brought together scientists, physicians, patients, educators, students, publishers, editors, bloggers, journalists, writers, web developers, programmers and others to discuss, demonstrate and debate online strategies and tools for doing science, publishing science, teaching science, and promoting the public understanding of science. ...

Some cool social media marketing service images: DSC_1237.jpg Wag the Long Tail, in Cologne DE 2007 From the agenda: Tools for Tomorrow’s Multimedia Services & Distribution Today! A Research & Business Jam in Cologne, 17. August 2007 Media, Search, Niche Market, Semantic, Recommender, Long Tail, Metadata, Social Web, Music, Personalisation, Context, Social Networks, Folksonomy, Access, Cultural Heritage, Retrieval, Collaborative Filtering, Tagging, Mobile, Man-Mouse-Media-Money-Relationship. DSC_1244.jpg A guy on about 'Theseus'. We still have no clue WTF it is, but at least it's not a...

A few nice digital advertising companies images I found: Old Home 'n' the Moon Companies always like to advertise when bad things happen. I believe Old Home just recently closed their St. Paul plant, or they'll close it soon. Of course, I just like this photo since it's all pretty blue. ...

A few nice social network sites list images I found: Is linkedin.com doing the right thing? I only have to say "Facebook Beacon" and you remember that it's good practice to allow your users to opt-in before disclosing any new personal information to other users or site visitors, right? So why has LinkedIn sprouted this new module that displays other profiles viewed by people who've viewed my profile? It's not OK by me, not OK by the viewers, and...