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The Web 2.0 Retreat: Every Week on Sunday at 7:00PM EST in Second Life
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March 4th, 2007 Weekend Update: We’ll be meeting again tonight at 7:00PM EST to whenever, please drop me a line at if you’re having trouble of any kind.

Background: This should be a terrific way for Web 2.0 movers and shakers of all kinds to meet up from wherever they are. Anyone and everyone is most welcome…

For our weekly retreat, I’ve set up a gorgeous waterfront villa with a view of a bay and a backyard with a virtual movie theater to show the latest vlogs and other Web 2.0 video events. Some of us can even have our real-life personas appear visually "in person" if we desire.

Meets every Sunday at 7:00PM EST in Timandra @ 186/173/26.

GETTING THERE: You can find a hyperlink-friendly instant teleportation Web page here. You can grab a free account and come on in.

FORMAT: Informal unconference.

TIME: Come early or come late; we’ll be there most of the evening.

QUICK SIGN-UP: Don’t have Second Life? Join and get an account for free here.

Alternatively, you can also use the Search button in Second Life and select the Places tab. Type in Web 2.0, select Fortis Reve’s Web 2.0 Retreat and hit the teleport button.

When you arrive, go around to the backyard and chat with everyone. I’ve left the venue open in case you want to explore now or use it for your own meetings. Hint: Click on signage to increase their resolution and make them readable.

For the first meetup, we’ll be looking at the new video from the World Economic Forum in Davos with Bill Gates, Chad Hurley, Caterina Fake, and others discussing Web 2.0 and social media.



Option 2: Ventrilo Server
The server is running on a hosted solutions site (, supports up to 50 concurrent users, and is running 24/7. Using it requires that you download and run a free third-party client called "Ventrilo." The sound quality is excellent, it supports Text-to-Speech (TTS) chat, and I have the ability to create private "rooms" on the server for different groups of folks (such as different classes).

NOTE: Feel free to test out this system on your own even if you are not currently a student or educator. Just please remember that this Ventrilo server has been set up primarily as a resource for RL students and educators using Second Life as part of their RL curriculum. Be respectful of the students and educators, don’t use the server inappropriately (no spamming or inappropriate language), and use this as an opportunity to help folks learn about all the possibilities of Second Life and RL Education. Thanks!

Here’s how to use it!

Step (1)
Download Ventrilo’s Client from:

Step (2)
Run the installation program with the default settings.

Step (3)
Fire up the client from Start –> Programs –> Ventrilo –> Ventrilo

Step (4)
Under USER NAME, click the arrow next to it ( -> ), click NEW, and enter your SL Avatar name. You can also set up the phonetic spelling for the text to speech engine, so it says your name correctly when you connect or disconnect from the server.

Step (5)
Under SERVER, click the arrow next to it ( -> ), click NEW, and enter NAME: "Pathfinder’s Ventrilo Server"
Click OK. Then under Hostname or IP, enter:
NEXT, make sure the port is set to: 4115
Under password: sesame (this is the general access password for everyone using the will get you into the "lobby" by default)
Click OK again.

Step (6)
That set up will be saved. To connect, simply click CONNECT, and in the future after opening Ventrilo, simply just click CONNECT as the user name and server will be saved.

Step (7)
Click SETUP; from here, you can change your PUSH TO TALK hot key as well as incoming and outgoing amplication. Increase outgoing amplification if you’re too quiet to other people, and incoming if you can’t hear them well enough. Be sure that "Use Push To Talk Hot Key" is CHECKED, then click in the field next to "Hot Key" and choose a hot key to press when you want to be heard. Press that key to talk when in Second Life. I recommend using either the right-control or right-alt key.

Try clicking "CHAT" and "Enable TTS". That’s short for Text to Speech, and will allow you to talk through the default text to speech voice, or hear it if others are. This is very handy for people without microphones or who are unable to speak.

If you’d like a private channel specifically for your class or group, please contact me directly ( and I can set one up for you. Private Channels can either be open to the public or password protected.

If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know!

Take care,
-Pathfinder Linden

The networked kiosk system used to distribute this notecard was developed with scripts by Sasun Steinbeck. If you would like more information about the system, please feel free to contact her directly. Thanks, Sasun!

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