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February 9, 2019 Best Traffic Website

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Statistics for
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I’m not entirely sure that page impressions and unique users are the best way of measuring website traffic these days, especially with many users switching to RSS (about half my visitors – read on).

Regardless, these are the monthly statistics for my blog over the past six months as reported by statcounter.

The six months totals are 45,912 page impressions and 36,136 unique users.

I’m not concerned about the apparent decline in month on month traffic as a large number of readers do so via RSS. Feedburner says that between 165 – 200 people download my feed each day, which is around half my total traffic. This traffic doesn’t appear in the statistics shown here.

My current Technorati Rank is 20,142. The best ranking I ever achieved was in the upper 9000s [explanation of Technorati Rank]

According to typepad, the total number of page impressions since I launched blog is 125,085.

Now if I could just figure out which of this information was meaningful!

My day was spent at a Sorpotimist Conference
best traffic website
I spent May 5, 2007 in a conference learning about human trafficking, mainly in Vietnam and Cambodia. I met a wonderful woman – the main speaker at the conference – who takes runs 14 orphanages in Vietnam so that she’s able to save some children from this awful practice in these countries. Her organization is called Children of Peace and this is her website –

I’m grateful I was able to attend this conference and feel like I live in the best country in the world – Canada.

Location of the conference – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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