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March 22, 2019 Best Way To Do Business

A few nice best way to do business images I found:

TiECon Internet Luminaries Panel
best way to do business
Some notes from Bootstrapping your Business at TiEcon

How does having a small Board work for you?

Jon Kibera of Mercantila: only one person on our board and we think it works pretty well (that person is Jon).

Josh Peterson, Aderactive. Up until recently the only person on my board besides me was my Mom, who advised me to drink milk.

Craig from Craigslist: We do have a little board we make things up as we go along and have the advantage of not really knowing what we are doing. Now working together with Pierre because of his personal mission: combinations of technology, people and voice to make things better in a realistic way.

Jamie Iannone: eBay, When capital dried up, like bootstrapping, larger companies had to get smarter about using money.

Can you bootstrap a big idea?

Jon Kibera: Believe in making small bet incrementally, but others will take more risk with a big bet like Amazon. In between is an approach like Google.

George Zachary: Oracle was a big bootstrap. But because they didn’t use professional capital they made mistakes like putting the sales executive in charge of finance.

Jim Young: Difference between bootstrapping a product and company. With Friendster, they could have kept bootstrapping because the product was a success first.

Craig: Press has been kind to us and networked with them to help them get jobs and place to live and so on. Many do need VC finance because of the culture they are in. A neighbor in biotech has to because of the nature of relationships in his industry. Another friend doing independent films has do to so by virtual corporation and networking at film festivals. Take VC money, not for the money, but the advice and relationships.

Someone stands up to comment that they bootstrapped their company through Craigslist, even found their co-founders there.

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