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Some cool ad rates images: coming out of the shadow WhenU, a vendor of adware, has been changing its policies (in the right direction!) recently with the help of new management and new investors...

Some cool digital advertising solutions images: Digital is crap This is the solution to the question I posed earlier: what is this accidental art? Apparently this digital billboard was working the other week. Ad Week 06 Gene Kelsey, VP-Brand Strategy Group, Panasonic; Michael Weaver, Senior Product Planner, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions (r) Ad Week 06 Lisa Judson, SVP-Marketing, AOL (l); Gene Kelsey, VP-Brand Strategy Group, Panasonic (c); Michael Weaver, Senior Product Planner, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions (r)...

Check out these marketing online website images: Marie-Félicité and older cousin [or sister], 1875? [1880?] From a collection of glass negatives exposed between about 1875 and 1915, bought at a flea market here in Amsterdam in December of 2004. They had been part of the estate of writer Ethel Portnoy (b. Brooklyn 1929 - d. Den Haag 2004), and she probably got them at a Paris flea market, as she lived there between 1950 and 1970. The negatives...

Some cool social media business plan images: The Future of Healthcare in Virtual Worlds The Future of Healthcare in Virtual Worlds Moderator: Dave Taylor, Imperial College London SL: Davee Commerce dave.taylor@imperial.ac.uk Panel: John Lester (Pathfinder), Linden Lab Dan Hoch, Neurologist, Massachussets General Hospital Dr Maurice Slevin, London Oncology Clinic Shireen Lewis, Strategic Planning and Innovation, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Maria Toro-Troconis, Senior Learning Technologist, Imperial College London Victor Cid, Senior Computer Scientist, National Library of Medicine, NIH, HHS Randy Hinrichs, CEO 2b3d James Kinross, Surgeon, Imperial College London +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ FURTHER DETAILS ++++++++++++ ++++++++ James Kinross,...