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Some cool how to get feedback images: Parenting and Games: A Metaphor Barry began his presentation with a great story. He mentioned that he was a new dad. And, that after a few weeks they ventured out of their apartment to party in the building and were asked how it was going. His wife answered that it was a lot like playing a game. You try something. Get feedback. Improve. The...

Some cool internet marketing products images: Corrimão Livraria Cultura turns 60 and is a reference in the Brazilian market The company has three stores in São Paulo, one in Campinas, one in Porto Alegre, one in Brasília and one in Recife; in 2008, they will open one other store. An entrepreneurship success story. This is how the trajectory of Livraria Cultura, that reached 60 years of activities in Brazil during 2007, can be defined. The company founded in 1947 by...

A few nice internet marketing firm images I found: Big Apple The fruit is the iPod of apples, a/k/a Honeycrisp. The New York Times October 15, 2006 Our Towns Feeding Appetites for the iPod of Apples By PETER APPLEBOME Tivoli, N.Y. “This is really like a franchise apple,” Peter Gregg, a spokesman for the New York Apple Association, was saying the other day. “You know how sports teams talk about franchise players? This is like that. Nothing in recent memory has created this kind of...

A few nice news in social media images I found: Layal Nejib, the 23 years old photo journalist, took this last photo just before she was assassinated by the Indiscriminate Destruction Forces Layal Najib was not a war journalist, she covered social/artistic events for a local magazine. She lived with her family in the south and being in the middle of the Israeli mayhem she was photographing some of the fantastic feats of the aggression until some Indiscriminate...