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A few nice social media design images I found: the model of multiplicity so here's an attempt to diagram (the mess) what i believe is the current model for understanding social science. individuals co-create, absorb the media and products all around them, and have influences from multiple societies. a handbook of problems a handbook of problems Designskolen Kolding is at the forefront of developing new design methods and approaches to ethical, ­social and aesthetic issues. This book follows the work of...

"Working and Buying" Exhibit Case Shown here is the "Working and Buying" exhibit case for the exhibit "A Most Thriving & Growing Place": Williamsburg Before the Restoration. This exhibit case features postcards, books, letters, and other publications about the business scene in Williamsburg, Virginia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One of Williamsburg's most successful merchants, Samuel Harris, was a prominent African-American in Williamsburg. He is featured in this exhibit case. The following is from the...

Some cool how to get feedback images: Parenting and Games: A Metaphor Barry began his presentation with a great story. He mentioned that he was a new dad. And, that after a few weeks they ventured out of their apartment to party in the building and were asked how it was going. His wife answered that it was a lot like playing a game. You try something. Get feedback. Improve. The...

Some cool internet marketing products images: Corrimão Livraria Cultura turns 60 and is a reference in the Brazilian market The company has three stores in São Paulo, one in Campinas, one in Porto Alegre, one in Brasília and one in Recife; in 2008, they will open one other store. An entrepreneurship success story. This is how the trajectory of Livraria Cultura, that reached 60 years of activities in Brazil during 2007, can be defined. The company founded in 1947 by...