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Check out these best targeted traffic images: Drive Thru City July 2005 - When traffic isn't at a complete standstill, there's no better drive then flying right through the center of Seattle on I-5. To read some personal blog entries from that time, please visit my eJournal and images: 07.24.2005. The Late U.S. 666 (now U.S. 491), Monticello, Utah I was fortunate to snap a photo of U.S. 666 before its name was changed to U.S. 491. The...

Some cool how to get more website traffic images: Newspeak WARNING - The Hale CPZ 'upgraded' with 'new parking signs & lines' 26 April 2009.  Left click here to view large and read the wording of the notice. ══════════════════════════════════ George Orwell's novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four was first published in 1949. Orwell wanted English written with clarity. He said “Good prose is like a window pane”. In his bleak fable of a totalitarian future Orwell imagined English replaced by “Newspeak”. "… the...

Some cool what is internet marketing images: Virgin Charter: no more empty legs! Scott Duffy, the man behind Virgin Charter, Branson's latest new venture. (We were having dinner because he'll be at Flight School next week. Virgin Charter (formerly Smart Charter) is going to shake up the air charter market in an interesting way, doing on a grand scale what a number of start-ups are doing in a smaller way. (This is distinct from "true" air taxis,...