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A few nice ecommerce website design images I found: EllaMode V2 Index Capture I used Chrome because it is the least top-cluttered and showed more website without pressing F11. I like that. I might de-busy the BG some more and I really wanna add the option to change the color scheme. We don't all like pink, and I'd like to offer mens' stuff someday. (I also don't want boyfriends scared to buy gifts. Then again, Vickies is pink.. then...

Some cool methods of attracting customers images: METI CIIC - 1st meeting summary A summary of the previous meeting is posted by the government a few weeks later on the METI website. Below is a translation of the summary. The preconception that foreigners will only buy bootlegs and cheap products needs to be stopped. The need for official products overseas is very high. The market environment needs to be improved in order to sell more Japanese products overseas. Smartphone content...

Some recent product marketing auctions on eBay: [wprebay kw="product+marketing" num="0" ebcat="-1"] [wprebay kw="product+marketing" num="1" ebcat="-1"] [wprebay kw="product+marketing" num="2" ebcat="-1"] [wprebay kw="product+marketing" num="3" ebcat="-1"] ...

A few nice attract clients images I found: Bill Leisman & Fred Steinke • Fort Wayne, Indiana (Best viewed by clicking on "ALL SIZES" above.) "Everyone should know their status, especially if they have been sexually active. No one is immune to HIV and do not think that the...

Some cool amazon support images: A History of Oil By Robert Newman, its a heavily researched and humourous examination of the history of oil. I hadn't heard of him until I enjoyed an article of his online in the Guardian last year. After recording it of More4, I rewatched it a couple of times, its quite dense with a lot of historical references supporting his material. His controversial ( he presents it that way ) argument is he...

Check out these social network application images: 7 Principles of Social Software Dave Pollard's Salon Blog column for July 14, 2005 is a brilliant summary of what well designed social software should do. Lifting some quotes: 1. Social Relationships Must Meet Four Preconditions: Willingness to establish a relationship with someone presupposes the existence of mutual trust, respect, context, and self-disclosure between the parties. 2. Relationships Require a Conversational Ice-Breaking. "Conversations are much denser and hence more efficient and effective ways...