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Check out these computer help online images: Arrows! Spent a weekend helping a friend of mine with his Coca Cola short film. --- Staging the Battle of Agincourt. (obviously, computer generated special effects were not a big part of the budget) *UPDATE* Now you can view the finished product online!!! Just go to the Coca Cola Refreshing Filmmaker Award website and click on the "2006 Finalists" link. This film is "Theater 13" Magic Donkey and Secret Sauce Algorithm A set of 96...

If you are involved in a business wherein you need to deal with customers' problems, you certainly need a helpdesk system. Is the term, helpdesk system, new to you? Don't you know what it is all about and how does it work? Then, you are suggested reading this blog. Completely dedicated to helpdesk ticketing system, this blog gives an insight into its functionality and workflow. Primarily, a helpdesk ticketing system, also request management system, support...

For dry good distributors it is vital to have an expert dry storage facility look after your products when storing types of products that need specific storage settings, so to best protect the quality of the products. Items that need dry storage need ambient temperatures that are low in humidity and, obviously, are not too hot or too cold as these settings prevent spoilage. Products can include foods like dairy; milk powder, animal feeds; grains and...

The success of a new product development (NPD) is dependent on the business goals of the inventor, small business, or larger institution. It is a given that priorities across these 3 entities might quite likely differ, but the unifying expectations for any NPD or 'Innovative Technology' are the following: a) When launched: the new product will appeal to a larger-scale consumer base. b) NPD can be mass-produced, support technological transfer, or might even spark the interests...