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Social Media Industry, has not only grown manifolds in the last few years, it has also radically changed the way people connect, share & shop. In almost all top 10 major global economies, traffic on Social Networking sites, Blogs & File sharing platforms account to two third of Active Internet Users.Some popular studies of 2011 show that the number of adult internet users that use social networking sites has grown more than double since 2008 &...

Some cool web traffic analyzer images: Left rack (bottom) Mass Vote for Jabbawockeez legally! MTV rules only disallow scripts, macros, anything automated. This isn't any of those. I still have to point, click, repeat. However, it's all lined up nicely in Mac OS X's Dashboard. It's no more clunky than voting via SMS on my iPhone but this I think is much faster. This uses Safari's Web Clip feature to isolate a section of a page and adds it...

Some cool social media advertising statistics images: school shooting of Winnenden was heralded by an internet troll ►media.coverage◄ The school shooting of Winnenden was heralded by an advertising internet troll 6½ hours before the killing spree began. chronology of the infamous 3/11-chat: #555168 = Tim Kretschmer, #848121 = Bernd_1, #830431 = Bernd_2. Tim Kretschmer: 2009-03-11 02:45:35 555168 Nr. 485465 >> Crap, Bernd, I've had enough. I'm fed up with this dissolute life. It's always the same: Everybody is laughing at me,...

How Your Business Benefits When You Buy Website Traffic?Without good online traffic, all the money spent on designing and developing a quality website will go waste. Even if you have a popular brand or provide a product or service high in demand, there is no guarantee that it will be sufficient to get you the traffic you need. New business owners are especially vulnerable because they do not understand how the Internet traffic works. They are...

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