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If you want your business to really grow, you have to use online marketing. Even if the majority of your business works on a local level, not having a website is a mistake. Without a website you are missing out on a lot of potential business, but there is more to online marketing than just having a website.If you have some money to spend, you will be looking at paid advertising online. There are basically two...

Copyright (c) 2012 Colon BoldenEven though your talents as having a home based business may be formidable, you won't get much business if you don't let people know your service is available. That's why it is essential to develop an effective advertising and promotion strategy. These people need to know what type of home business it is and how it can benefit them. It's up to you to let them know what you offer and how...

Filling telesales or sales jobs is always difficult, and any recruiter will want to make sure they employ the right people. Whether your business specialises in investment, media, finance or events, your sales staff control success of your company.In addition to this, staff turnover can be costly, so you will naturally want to avoid hiring people who are incompetent, not right for your business or only going to fill the position for a short time. But...

Some cool social media marketing ideas images: Former leader speaks CK looks great. Thinner and healthier. No notes? Still an excellent speaker. His speech: Addressing conf not media. Will stay loyal to leadership. Thanks to members and my wife for their support. Think we did well to get more MPs and a million more votes. This at a time when Lab lost 4m votes and Tory 1m. Ours only increase. Encouraging. Lib Dems are a catalyst - interaction speeds...

Some cool ways to drive traffic to your website images: This Window We love using WordPress! WordPress is in principle a blogging tool but, with the new updates, can be used to create a dynamic business website. It does require a bit of technical knowledge to set up, like creating and linking to a MySQL database – but we can help you. MySQL is a database that is frequently used for Web applications. It's fast and reliable and can store...

Much has been said about choosing the right online marketing agency, but there are a few foolproof ways of assessing credibility. Although reading online reviews can be a huge help, they are not one hundred percent reliable. In fact, these testimonials are only as credible as the random people who make them. To get clearer signals on an online marketing company's credibility, consider the following:Level of Expertise Everybody is promoting their products on social media sites...